Barrister-Client Relationship

The barrister-client relationship is contract among two parts which, through which our legal office, “Susanu Mihai Claudiu” is a guarantee for the quality of the services provided. A person or a company is considered client only from the moment he sign a contract with us.

Communication with us through the internet, website or e-mail does not constitute a contract neither a relationship with our legal office.

Sending an e-mail to us does not make you our client. One could not refer to himself as a client of “Susanu Mihai Claudiu” without a contract registered.

The e-mail you send to us it is not confidential and it is not under the confidentiality clause of barrister - client relationship.

We could not guarantee the confidentiality of the internet transmission therefore do not send us legal of confidential documents. Do not send us information regarding your legal problems. Any legal problems can only be analyzed within our office.

If you are interested to become one of our clients, please request an appointment through internet or by phone. Any e-mail send to us will be processed and asses by the office as a request for a professional meeting. The professional obligation of the office is to determine “a priori” if there is any possible conflict of interests with our actual clients. In this situation we can not either discussed or analyze your problem.

The information contained on the site are not legal advice or legal opinion, and can not be regarded as such.


The information contained in this site is protected by Romanian and international copyright law. Therefore, this information may not be reproduced, downloaded, distributed, published or transferred in any form or by any means, other then downloading or reproduction for personal use, except with the prior written consent of “Susanu Mihai Claudiu” legal office.