Corporate Commercial

We are one of the few law firm in Romania really specialized in commercial and corporate legal consultancy. We have a Ph. D. in Economy in the field of managing business development. We merge from the economic private sector with a great practical expertise in the field of applied economy. We have realized and implemented business strategy development for our clients. We have realized and implemented European Projects for private companies. We have the expertise to handle the largest and most complex business legal situation, since we do have the real possibility of understanding the fine mechanism of the business and founding professional solution were other can fail.

We have the advantage of combining the both legal and economic knowledge under one single consultancy concept. Having this joint expertise from both economic and legal field we have the capacity to better understand your problems and most of all the economic mechanism which are beneath. This way we can really develop solutions for your commercial problems.

This way we have the capacity to assist you within the litigation negotiation, find solutions or go to the court of justice. This should be the last solution, since it takes a great deal of time.

We have a great expertise in Joint Venture with companies originated from across Europe and United States and also Cross-Border Cooperation with Republic of Moldova.